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XVIth International Otology Course - 2014 - June 26, 27, 28
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Medtronic is the leader in medical technology providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic pain.
MED-EL offers implantable hearing solutions across the hearing loss spectrum, including cochlear implants, middle ear implants, combined electric-acoustic stimulation and brainstem implants.
Introducing Nucleus Freedom. Designed for the best hearing performance in any listening situation. Cochlear. Hear Now. And Always.
CAD Crée en 1996, la Centrale Des Audioprothésistes compte aujourd’hui plus de 400 adhérents et gère 40 000 Aides Auditives, ce qui en fait la première centrale d’indépendants de France.
Notre mission première consiste à apporter aux audioprothésistes qui souhaitent rester indépendants les moyens et les outils qui leur permettront d’améliorer leur compétitivité et leur rentabilité.
neurelec Neurelec is engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of the hearing aids for the ENT markets.
audika Audika plays a major role in the hearing correction market in France. Working hand-in-hand with ENT specialists, Audika ensures customer relations through a policy of active communication and education, offering individually tailored health solutions.
Amplifon Hearing Aids Center provides hearing solutions that fit your life and your budget.
kurz Heinz KURZ GmbH Medizintechnik manufactures and sells ENT devices worldwide. We are in particular focused on passive middle ear implants/prosthesis for ossiculoplasty in titanium. Our range of partial-, total- or stapes prosthesis includes celebrated CliP and Ball-joint designs, and provides a high MR safety level. We hope to serve your needs by providing extensive information - whether you are interested in our products, looking for general information or if you have a question to submit.
sanofi The mission of Sanofi Research and Development is to address patients' real needs – those that are either poorly covered or completely ignored - and provide them with appropriate therapeutic solutions.
s Collin is a french company with a professional staff dedicated to patients and otorhinolaryngologists.
ds OmniGuide is developing revolutionary hollow-core photonic bandgap optical fibers. OmniGuide Fibers can be designed to guide light of any wavelength between the visible spectrum and the far infrared.

The slogan of Morita literally accompanies us in all our decisions. Characterized by Japanese roots, we are setting forth the tradition of working to precision under highest quality demands. This is reflected in the complete product portfolio and shows that each individual product has been thought through in the finest detail.

s POURET MEDICAL offers you a complete range of products developed to suit the specific requirements of surgeons in specialities such as ENT,Stomato,Maxillo and Gynecology;or for Esthetic and Plastic surgery.
intracom Intracom, installer of telecommunications companies, computer networks, wiring.