21th International Otology Course

21st International Otology Course

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Scientific program


Thursday June 27th, 2019 - SESSION 1: OTOSCLEROSIS

08:45 Otosclerosis surgery, rules & hints: John Oates
09:15 live surgery 1A & 1 B: Otosclerosis primary surgery: Robert Vincent. Renaud Plaloux
1o:oo Break and exhibit
10:30 A Flexible Approach to Stapes Surgery: Ashim Desai
10:50 Otosclerosis surgery, from the lab to the Clinic: Sady seramen Da Costa
11:1o Otosclerosis surgery, factors influencing the surgical outcomes: Wllko Grolman
11:30 Live surgery 1C & 1D: Otosclerosis revision - Middle ear implantation: Robert Vincent, Thibaud Dumon 12:45 Lunch
14:oo Otoscletosis surgery, the NitiBond stapes prosthesis: Joachim Mueller
14:15 Keynote lecture. Cochlear implantation in otosclerosis: Tom Roland
14:45 Difficult cases in otosclerosis primary surgery. Robert Vincent
15:1O Break and exhibit
15:40 Otosclerosis Surgery - In and around. Moderators: Sady Selamen Da Costa, Wilko Grolman
Controversial case presentation to the panelists: Tom Roland, Bruce Gantz, Manohar Bance, Diane Lazard Joachim Mueller, Robert Vincent, Sady Da Costa. William Moretz, Ashim Desai
Surgical indications? The role of imaging? / Instrumentation. Do we really need a laser and endoscopy? The best surgical technique and prosthesis if any?/ Implantable hearing devices and otosclerosts
Far advanced otosclerosis I Otosclerosis In children
17:10 Conclusions: what did we learn today? Wilko Grolman
17:30 Adjourn
20:00 Welcome reception at Chateau de la Tour (opened to all participants and accompanying persons)



08:15 Middle ear mechanics: Manohar Bance
08:45 live surgery 2A & 28: Ossicular reconstruction: Robert Vi沁ent, Renaud Pialoux
09:45 Otoendoscopy of the middle ear: David Bowdler
10:10 Break and exhibit
10:40 Ossiculoplasty, why bother? Chris Aldren
11:10 live surgery 2C & 20: Tympanoplasty; minimal palisade technique & custom curved cartilage graft: Thibaud Dumon. François Cacès
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Keynote lecture. Ossiculoplasty: Bruce Gantz
14:30 Ossicular reconstruction, how we do it. Robert Vincent
15:00 Grand Inquisition in Tympanoplasty. Grand Inquisitors: Chris Aldren, David Bowdler
Controversial case presentation to the panelists: Tom Roland, Bruce Gantz, Manohar Bance, Diane Lazard Joachim Mueller, Marc Bassim, Thomas Lenarz. Sady Oa Costa, William Moretz, Wilko Grolman. Ashim Desai
16:00 Break and exhibit



16:30 Neuroplasticity and profound deafness: Diane Lazard
16:50 Intervention into the inner ear with hearing preservation. Current status and beyond: Thomas Lenarz
17:20 Implantable hearing devices, State of the Art: Thibaud Dumon
17:45 Adjourn
20:00 Official diner. Le Clos de Maussanne (under registration)


Saturday June 29th, 2019 - SESSION 4: CSOM WITH CHOLESTEATOMA

09:15 Tympanic membrane retraction: Marc Bassim
09:45 live surgery 3A & 38: Canal wall up & Canal wall down technique: Thibaud Dumon, François Cacès
10:45 Disease eradication & functional preservation: Oswaldo Laercio Cruz
13:00 Closure and lunch



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